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Promotion of one-page sites


A one-page site often has navigation that does not generate a separate URL, and redirects to the desired part of the text by automatic scrolling. This is accompanied by the so-called “elevator effect", which makes such sites especially popular.

Those who have decided that a one-page site is enough to present their services, and the originality of the design will help increase conversions, should think about what strategy requires the promotion of one-page sites.

Single Page Website Optimization

The page should be divided into logical blocks, which should be filled with unique material important for the visitor:

  • texts containing key phrases;
  • images with filled alt;
  • H1 headings with key phrases. If you are optimizing a one-page site, then it is better to use H1 several times instead of H2 and H3.

Give each block its own url

Promotion of one-page sitesThe url should use special tags that can be inserted into logical sections of the page. In this case, the user who clicks on the link immediately gets to the desired section. These links are taken into account by search engines and are not “glued together”, so it is advisable to insert the necessary keywords into them.

Additional pages

Having retained all the advantages inherent in a one-page site, you can add several static pages to it if necessary.

Download speed

Usually one-page sites take much longer to load, which is caused by a large amount of text, graphics, videos, grouped on a single page. Google does not like such sites, because they multiply the negative experience of users, because they often leave such sites without waiting for them to open, that is, without receiving any benefit from the resource.

Download speed can be improved in several ways:

  • place a one-page website on a good hosting;
  • improve its caching by the browser;
  • use ".gzip" for compression;
  • host with an external CSS and Java Script file;
  • combine graphics into CSS sprites;
  • scripts should be used only when necessary, minimizing their number.

Video about optimizing one-page sites

Meta tags

You need to choose a few keywords that are most converting for this area and use them in descriptions and titles. It is important not to overdo it, because it is desirable to use up to 70 characters in titles, and up to 160 characters in descriptions, otherwise it will be a waste of time.

Promotion of a one-page site

After optimizing the site, you can begin to promote it. Moreover, promoting a one-page is even more difficult than optimizing.

One of the problems is the possibility of having a large number of links on one page, for which search engines can punish. You can deal with it like this:

  • give links a natural look;
  • promotion of articles will be more efficient, since the weight of links will increase;
  • links should be placed on purely thematic sites;
  • you can create a page on a social network and hold various promotions there, limited in duration, attracting customers in this way;
  • you can open a blog and post articles there that are optimized for specific queries, and include links to it in a one-page site. But this justifies itself only in cases where the conversion of a one-page site into a multi-page one turns out to be ineffective.

Content Marketing

Promotion of one-page sitesAn effective way to promote in the case of using one-page sites is content marketing. Since it will not be possible to receive many clicks from the search engine, referral traffic can act as a lifeline, which will also become an important source of conversions. You can use the following channels:

  • press releases;
  • blogging;
  • reviews in the blogosphere;
  • infographics;
  • interesting videos;
  • white papers.

Social networks

By creating a unique design with interesting content, you can, despite the lack of pages, be effective in social networks. When ranking, the search engine perceives the presence of active followers as a positive factor, which indicates the popularity of this resource.

Google Places for Business

Google+ can become an additional source of traffic for business. You need to register a company in Google Places for Business, indicate the field of activity, optimize the title for important key queries and pump reviews, which will give a great chance to get into the top ten in popularity.

Disadvantages of one-pagers

Promotion of one-page sitesA serious disadvantage of a one-page site is the complexity of search optimization, and with it, getting traffic from search engines. Here are the reasons for this:

  • It becomes almost impossible to promote a resource for high-frequency requests, since companies are fighting for such requests, allowing themselves to spend heavily on promoting their own resources. Small and medium-sized businesses can only collect the crumbs, creating, for example, a large number of pages configured for low and midrange queries. For multi-pagers, there is a good opportunity to get into the tops of search engines, but with a one-page resource this is impossible to achieve, therefore it is difficult to get good traffic.
  • Due to the abundance of graphics, one-page sites load slowly.
  • The narrow semantics of the site does not allow it to respond to many user requests. The search engine almost always takes this into account, so it tends to prefer large Internet resources.
  • The page cannot be boosted by internal linking.
  • Promotion of landing sites with links is difficult, since it is impossible to use a large number of all kinds of relevant anchors, without which it will be difficult to fight spam.
  • There will always be the problem of tracking behavioral metrics and bounce rates with Google and Yandex.Metrica. With a single page, the bounce rate will always be 100%.

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