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What is FAQ and FAQ?


FAQ is an English abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions. Translated into Russian means: Frequently Asked Questions. From here, the abbreviations FAQ and FAQ began to be used on Russian-language sites and forums. The first presumably comes from the beginnings of the words OFTEN and Questions. The second is simply based on the first letters of the proposed words.

This section, which is very popular today, contains the most frequent questions from users of the administration of the site, forum, store. Most often, it contains brief information on the main aspects of the work and functioning of this resource. It was invented to improve the ease of use of Internet resources by users and, at the same time, reduce headaches for site owners who often have to answer the same questions.

Information in these categories is offered in the following format:

Q: "question"

A: "answer"

The abbreviations Q and A come from the English words question (question) and Answer (answer). On Russian-language resources, these letters are often replaced by V and O (Question and Answer).

It is recommended for users to open this section not only when they are going to write a question to the administration, but also in the process of general use of the site, in order to avoid all sorts of embarrassing situations and misunderstandings.

With the popularity of this rubric in the modern Internet zone, there is a need to catalog information from individual sites in one resource, such as the Internet FAQ consortium (www.faqs.org ), to provide Internet users with an easy way to find information.

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