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The benefits and harms of sweet pepper


Why is bell pepper so called

This beautiful, dense and sweet vegetable beckons us from the shelves of vegetable stores. Red, yellow and green fruits will become a real decoration of the festive table, complement salads or meat dishes. But why is this pepper called Bulgarian? No, Bulgaria is not the birthplace of this healthy vegetable. Its homeland is the American continent, in particular – Colombia, Mexico and all of Central America. Bulgaria was not even the first European country to start growing sweet peppers, it was hot Spain. But Bulgarian breeders worked diligently to bring out the sweetest and most large-fruited varieties, and with their work they earned just such a name for their “brainchild".

The benefits and harms of sweet pepper

The benefits of bell pepper

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the benefits of sweet pepper is the high content of vitamin C, which is paramount for our body. This vitamin helps our body resist colds, and its level is higher than in sour lemon and hard-to-reach black currants in winter.

Another problem that a large group of people face today is vision problems. Daily work at the computer leads to eye fatigue and, as a result, deterioration of vision. Vitamin A, which is also found in abundance in the juicy pulp of our fruit, will help you cope with this problem. Women of all ages who care about the condition of their hair and skin should also include Bulgarian pepper in their diet, and improvements will not be long in coming.

You can often find Bulgarian pepper in the composition of patches and ointments used in the treatment of radiculopathy or simply sciatica and joint diseases. Sweet peppers will also be useful for those who have high blood pressure, since the alkaloid capsaicin contained in it helps to thin the blood.

If you suddenly feel weak, drowsy and dizzy – you may have anemia and again a Bulgarian vegetable of American origin will come to the rescue, because it contains magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, phosphorus necessary to maintain strength and good mood, they will also increase your immunity .

The benefits and harms of sweet pepper

Harm of bell pepper

Even such a healthy vegetable as bell pepper can harm human health. With extreme caution, people with heart rhythm disorders, patients with hypertension, coronary disease should eat this fruit, in some cases they should completely exclude it from their diet.

If you suffer from gastritis or peptic ulcer, then Bulgarian pepper will also not be useful to you.

Those who should be careful to eat sweet peppers include people with diseased kidneys, liver, diagnosed with hemorrhoids, epilepsy. Basically, the danger in bell pepper is represented by essential oils and coarse fiber, with which it is so rich. When eating sweet peppers, you need to remember the words spoken by Hipocrates, which are still relevant today – "Everything is a medicine, and everything is poison – it’s all about the dose"

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